Case Studies

Table of Contents
1) My friend's maid bolted as soon as the car arrived at the airport.
2) This maid wants a monthly food allowance.
3) Maid left door unlocked when she went out to meet the grocery delivery man.
4) My maid coughed blood but my agent won't send her home.
5) I don't much care for satay or other Asian favourite dishes, but . . .
6) How will I know if the maid can cook if I cannot rely on her reference?
7) How can I avoid facing the same problem as Frustrated?
8) I have found a most wonderful maid.
9) My maid is always late and this upsets me.
10) My maid wants to borrow 5 months of her salary because her father is sick.
11) My maid is really a wonderful girl and I hate to fire her but . . .
12) I have read so many horror stories about maids
13) Should I hire someone who was fired for being rude?
14) My maids say they are willing to eat vegetarian food, but . . .
15) Why can't a maid explain why she wants to transfer to a new family.
16) My Filipino maid is a nice girl, good with my daughter, but I have to her go.
17) Why are some maids so greedy?
18) It's hard to believe that after 4 years she suddenly wants privacy.
19) An unannounced visit to a foreign maid caused her to lose her job.
20) Evangelina's house is damaged by hurricane.
21) I don't deserve a maid like this one.
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