I don't much care for satay or other Asian favourite dishes, but . . .

I am new in Singapore, just arrived from Rome a couple of weeks ago. I hired a live-in foreign maid who said she was a very good cook. According to her reference, she was an excellent cook and she could prepare so many different dishes for her employer's dinner party. I took the trouble to verify her claims with her expatriate employer Mrs Schroeder who reaffirmed what she wrote in the testimonial.

But her cooking is not all that it is cut out to be. She cannot cook a proper steak and she has no idea how to prepare mashed potato. In Rome, she would go to jail for using tomato ketchup to make spaghetti. I did not even recognise the salad she prepared. How can you make salad without olive oil!

So I asked her to cook for me her best dish which her expatriate employer enjoyed. She obliged with satay and a few Asian favourites. I do not care for satay for it was way too hot.

I feel very let down.

Gourmet II

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