Evangelina's house is damaged by hurricane.

My former Filipino maid Evangelina Arellano worked for me for twelve years and during this time she did such a wonderful job. I often marvelled at these so-called horror stories and find them totally incredible. Evangelina was nothing if not devoted to my children. She was the personification of loyalty, thrift and industry. And I was the main beneficiary. I did not pay her a very high salary either, for in the early days, my husband and I had only just begun.

You have read elsewhere how I sent money to Evangeline, with contributions from my children, the same children Evangelina took care of with devotion, and how I invited her to Singapore on an all expenses paid holiday. Actually, I had on several occasions sent money to Evangelina, before it dawned on me that my agent could do it for me so much more easily.

I would call my agent and say, "... please send so many dollars to Jane..." Jane is how I addressed Evangelina. No need to give the name in full, the address, etc. No need to go to the bank and queue up, etc.

Well, recently I found out that poor Evangelina's house was badly damaged by hurricane and the subsequent flood. I knew she would need some money to pay for badly needed repairs and I so I again called upon my agent to help me take care of this little chore.

I have never forgotten what Evangelina did for me at a time when my husband needed me to help him out when he was just beginning.


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