Case Studies

of interest to First-Time Employers

This series is inspired by a discussion started by Leanne who posted her lament on an internet bulletin board. The contribution by Frustrated is almost identical to Leanne's lament, but this chronicler has added other observations.

If you are a first-time employer and wish to avoid the frustration experienced by employers like Leanne and others who have contributed to the forum, or if you have been not particularly happy with your maid, you will, we hope, find the following case studies helpful.

Some of the cases are genuine first hand accounts by employers, expatriates and locals alike, or have been related to this chronicler. Some cases are not exactly as they happened, but are really composites of many different situations too minor separately to make a complete case.

Some "cases" are not so much cases as examples of concerns of employers and our observations. Sometimes, statements are made tongue-in-cheek, as when we talk about a Chinese dinner party.

We sincerely hope that the cases presented here would be helpful. If you have come across any case which may be of interest to employers, we would love to hear from you.

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