Should I hire someone who was fired for being rude?

I have interviewed several maids recently and could not decide on anyone. I am an equal opportunity employer and colour-blind so I interviewed not only Filipino maids, but Sri Lankan, Indonesian and other Asian maids as well. Contrary to popular opinion not all Filipinos speak and understand English well and not all the others are unable to speak and understand English reasonably well.

All of those I interviewed had worked in Singapore for at least two years and had a secondary education. My problem was not so obvious. They all looked and sounded good, except that most of them could not give me a convincing reason for needing to transfer.

One candidate said that her employer was going to go home for good. But after reading Frustrated's story, I cannot be sure that her employer is indeed going home. Another said that her employer did not need her anymore because the children were already grown up. The children were only 12 and 10 and their mother was working. So I rejected her.

However, there is one candidate I thought I could employ, but I am hesitating because she was fired for being rude to her employer.


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