An unannounced visit to a foreign maid caused her to lose her job.

Foreig maids in Singapore, unlike their local predecessors, have such a lousy time. There are all kinds of rules which they may not even know about and still if they break any of them, they may get fired.

For example, one day someone I had met at Cold Storage Jelita came to look for me at my place of work. He did not even call or knock, but just stood outside in the empty lot behind my employer's bungalow house. I did not even realise that he was walking back and forth craning his neck hoping to catch sight of me and to attract my attention.

My employer happened to observe him from her second-floor bedroom window. She told me that she wanted to terminate my contract and gave me two weeks to find another job. I was very hurt because I thought my employer was such a nice lady. I really liked her and I did not want to transfer if I could help it.

But why is she so narrow minded? If I talk to a man will I become pregnant and cause her to lose her $5,000? Employers! That's all they worry about, their money. They do not care about us at all. Are foreign maids not people, too?

Maid Marian

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