Why can't a maid explain why she wants to transfer to a new family.

I interviewed several foreign maids last weekend: three Filipinos, one Indonesian and one Nepalese. Among them there was one that stood out, the Nepalese maid. She had been working in Singapore for almost 4 years now and she spoke English fluently and understood me well. I was able to understand her perhaps 80 percent of the time. Compared with the others, I thought she was pretty good.

However, there is one thing that bothers me. I wanted to know why she was transferring, expecting her to give me one of the standard answers:

  • My employer is going home to San Anton for good.
  • My employer lost her job.
  • My employer cannot afford to employ me now.
  • The children are big already.
  • I need more time off for my computer class (or church)

I was uneasy when she started to talk about something that sounded rather irrelevant. Her employer was good she said, treated her like a sister and all that. But it really made no sense to me.

Why does someone who is quite good at English find it so hard to tell her reason for leaving her job?


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