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Dear Employer,

Over the years that we have been recruiting foreign maids for employers in Singapore, both locals and expatriates, we have learnt a lot from employers and maids, alike. We would like to share what we have learnt with employers whether first-timers or the more seasoned ones.

In our Case Studies we narrate complaints from employers and offer our own opinion in response. In the current series dubbed "Dear Employer" we hope to be more systematic and deal with different aspects of Employer-Maid relations, potential problems and steps that may be taken to prevent them.

Our earlier letters will address the first-time employer though others more experienced might find still hopefully them helpful.

Please click on the links in the left column to read the letters. We will be adding new letters every month so do come back. Meanwhile, we do welcome your inquiries, comments or suggestions. If you are currently having a less than smooth relationship with your maid and would like to discuss the issue, please feel free to write to us at We will try hard to respond within 24 hours.

Thank you for your visit.

Yours truly,

Karl Tan, Registration Number: R1105061
Licensed Employment Agent since 1982.


If you are currently having some difficulty in your current helper and would like to "get it off your chest", we will be happy to hear from you. You can write to us at We will try respond within 24 hours.