In a transfer case, when may a maid report for work with her new employer?

An application for a work permit for an FDW is normally submitted via WPOnline.

After it is approved, the employer is required to provide the FDW with an insurance policy to cover personal accidents and hospitalisation. The employment agency normally is able to take care of this for its client. (The transfer may only take place the day after this is done.)

This next step is to submit a request to MOM to issue a work permit to the FDW in question. This request is sent via WPOnline.

When the request is acknowledged, the FDW may report for work with the new employer.

The new work permit card is subsequently picked up. At that time the agent submits the following documents to MOM:

  1. the hard copy of on-line application (downloaded from WPOLine after approval), duly signed by the Employer
  2. the in-principle approval (downloaded from WPOLine)
  3. the insurance policy
  4. and miscellaneous other documents referred to elsewhere, eg: passport, IC and/or Birth Certificate.

At the same time, the FDW's current work permit (if she is working for someone else) is returned to the WPD and a new one issued.

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