What are the obligations of the employer to the FDW?

The employer owes it to the FDW:

  • to pay her salary on a timely basis
  • to provide adequate food and suitable accomodation
  • to provide medical care (including hospitalisation)
  • to provide a safe working environment*
  • to give her the respect due to another human being no matter how humble.**
  • to treat her as a human being.

Though the above duties are self-evident, there are people who still fail to recognise their obligations as employers and human beings.

  • * Some maids have fallen to their death while cleaning the windows or putting out the laundry to dry.
  • ** Others have been physically abused and one was beaten and went through hell for 9 months before she finally died of injuries inflicted by her employer. She was starved and beaten to death! She weighed 50 kg when she came. 1½ years later and after 9 month of brutal abuse she weighed only 36 kg. The coroner found 200 bruises on her body. Her tormentor is still in prison and she is still dead.

But the people of Singapore do not condone this inhuman treatment. The judge sent the man to prison for 18½ years.

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