What is the Security Bond Protector?

When the employment of an FDW ends, she either transfers to a new employer or goes home. Sometimes the FDW is unable to find alternative employment, so her employer is required to cancel her work permit and repatriate her under the terms of the Security Bond.

However, if the FDW wants so very much to stay in Singapore she may play hide and seek with her employer in the hope of avoiding the inevitable repatriation. This does not happen too often, but when a relationship breaks down and the FDW walks out, it does create some anxiety for the employer until the FDW is located and the misunderstanding is cleared up.

If she is not repatriated within 30 days of the cancellation of her work permit, Immigration Department has the right to seize the five thousand-dollar deposit (or demand payment from the bank or the insurance company that guaranteed payment, if applicable).

If the employer succeeds in tracing the FDW and manages to persuade her to go home, Immigration will consider his request for the refund of his security deposit.

Good News!
To avoid losing one's security deposit, the employer is now able to buy an additional policy. This Security Bond Protector policy protects the employer for 95% of the security deposit. If the FDW disappears and cannot be found, the insurance company will pay Immigration $5,000, the employer reimbursing the insurance company only $250. Conditions apply. This may change. Please verify the terms at the time of signing up for the Security Bond Protector.

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