Can my maid transfer when her work permit is expiring within one month?

The would-be employer may submit an application for the FDW only if her work permit is valid for at least 30 days. Otherwise it needs to be extended for another two-year term. This entails the current employer putting up a new security bond, letter of guarantee and a health and accident insurance policy - and incurring additional expenses. The new Work Permit is cancelled when the transfer is effected and the ex-employer gets a partial refund for the security bond, etc.

To avoid this expense, when it is clear that the current employment relationship will not be extended, the current employer may let the FDW start looking for alternative employer earlier, like 6 weeks earlier.

Once the work permit application is approved, the actual transfer normally takes place within a week. However, the current employer and the would-be employer may jointly ask for the transfer date to be changed.

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