Must an FDW be medically fit before she comes to Singapore?

The Work Permit Department does not require an FDW to be certified medically fit before she comes to Singapore.

However, the approval given to an FDW prior to her arrival is subject to her being subsequently certified fit by a Singapore doctor.

The agency which places the FDW would normally ask its recruiter in the foreign country to have the FDW examined first. Otherwise, if the FDW fails to secure medical clearance on arrival, her work permit will not be issued and at the end of 14 days she will have to go home, at the expense of the agency!

If the Employer finds the would-be FDW himself either because he knows her or is introduced to her by someone (a friend in the Philippines, a domestic worker now in Singapore), he is the recruiter. In this case if the would-be FDW is not subsequently certified medically fit, the Employer would have to repatriate her at his own cost.

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