What is the minimum age set for a Foreign Domestic Worker?

Foreign Domestic Workers must be at least 23 years of age. If the Work Permit Department is convinced that there is an error in the date of birth as stated in the Passport, it has the power to deny a would-be FDW a work permit.

In that case, when the normal 14-day visit expires, it will not be renewed and the would-be FDW will have to leave.

If an underaged FDW (even if her passport shows her age as 23 or older) has been issued a work permit but is subsequently discovered to be underaged, the Agency that brings her to Singapore will not only suffer financial loss (having pay for the FDW's repatriation and give its client a free replacement) but will also be slapped with 3 demerit points.

Upon receiving 12 demerit points, the license to operate an employment agency will be revoked.

Four strikes and you're out!

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