What documents are required to employ a foreign domestic worker (maid)?

Singapore and Malaysian citizens or Permanent Residents

  1. If employing an FDW to replace current maid, Identity Card of employer, spouse and members of household are required (Birth Certificate of under-twelves).
  2. If employing a new FDW, in addition to 1) above, Notice of Assessment from IRAS or Consent for MOM to verify the Employer's declared income with IRAS is also required.
  3. If employing an FDW for the first time in Singapore, in addition to 2) above, a certificate of attendance at a seminar in conjuction with the Employers' Orientation Programme is also required.

Expatriate on Employment Pass
Generally same as for locals. However note the differences:

  1. Instead of Identity Card for employer and spouse, use Passport.
  2. Similarly for children or other members of household, use Passport or Dependent Pass.
  3. If Employer has paid Singapore income tax, she may
    1. submit his Notice of Assessment;
    2. or simply declare her monthly income and at the same time consent to let MOM verify it with IRAS (we have a form for this);
  4. If not liable for or has yet to pay income tax, employer may submit a letter on Company letterhead stating
    1. Postion;
    2. Starting Date in Company's Singapore office
    3. Monthly Salary in Singapore Dollars. To see a sample of this letter certifying the monthly income of the would-be employer, click here.

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