Asian Maids in Singapore

Questions & Answers

1)   Can I ask my FDW to clean my windows? I live on the 10th floor.
2)   Can I employ an FDW part-time if her employer does not object?
3)   Can an employer ask her maid to clean up her mother's flat once a week?
4)   Do employers have to deposit $5,000 to execute the Security Bond?
5)   How long will take to get a work permit application approved?
6)   If my maid is not paid for washing my mother's flat, is it still illegal?
7)   In a transfer case, when may a maid report for work with her new employer?
8)   Must an FDW go home when her work permit expires?
9)   What are the obligations of the employer to the FDW?
10)   What is the Security Bond?
11)   What is FDW?
12)   What is Foreign Workers Levy (FWL)?
13)   What is the Security Bond Protector?
14)   When is an Employer required to put up a $5,000 cash deposit?
15)   Where do FDWs come from?
16)   Why are employers required to buy an insurance policy?
17)   What should the employer do when his FDW stops working for him?
18)   How does one go about cancelling the work permit of an FDW?
19)   What is the salary of a first-time FDW?
20)   Can my maid transfer when her work permit is expiring within one month?
21)   Must an FDW be medically fit before she comes to Singapore?
22)   Does an FDW on transfer have to be certified medically fit?
23)   So what's new for first-time employer of FDW's?
24)   What is the minimum age set for a Foreign Domestic Worker?
25)   What is the maximum age allowed for a Foreign Domestic Worker?
26)   What documents are required to employ a foreign domestic worker (maid)?
27)   How good are the one-dollar agencies?
28)   What is this Entry Test for first-time FDW's?
29)   Can a Dependent Pass holder employ a foreign domestic worker?
30)   Can an FDW accept an offer of employment subject to her passing a "job test?"
31)   What is a transfer maid?
32)   What purpose does the Entry Test serve?