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Dear FDW

We, Inter-Mares (aka Quality Maids), have been recruiting maids from neighbouring countries, especially the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka for the past 30-plus years. We also do a lot of transfers, i.e., we recruit maids who are currently in Singapore and

  • wish to transfer to another family;
  • are available for a face-to-face interview;
  • are not required to attend the SIP;
  • do not have to undergo a full pre-employment medical examination.

Over the years we have received comments from employers on their domestic helpers, both good and bad, and from domestic helpers about their employers. At this juncture, please be advised that all names of maids and employers referred to in the following letters are fictitious.

We have decided to share what we have learnt with foreign maids, both first-timers and experienced ones. Usually their problems are different. First-timers have to adjust to a new environment and acquire new skills or improve what basic skills they already have while the more experienced ones face other challenges like higher expectations, more freedom than some employers are prepared to concede, etc.

Our letters will initially address issues of a more urgent nature, e.g., culture shock, for this can negatively affect a foreign maid's job security in the beginning. Thinking ahead, we will cite examples of how ignorance about each other's belief can have a negative impact on the employment relationship.

If you have any question or are experiencing some difficulty in your current situation and need another opinion or feel the need to talk things over, we will be happy to hear from you. Write to us at intermares.lucky@gmail.com and we will try to reply to you within 24 hours. Or you can send us your questions by snail mail to 304 Orchard Road, #04-60 Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863. We need more time to reply by snail mail.

Please return to this page in the days ahead for we will keep adding letters to discuss matters of interest to FDWs. Maybe employers, too.

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Yours truly,

Karl Tan,
MOM Reg: R1105061