helps helps FDW and Employer avoid culture shock

An inexperienced young woman coming from another country with a different culture and at a different stage of ecomonic development will more likely than not experience culture shock. We have found over the years that our in-house orientation helps to alleviate potential problems that may arise from a from a lack of appreciation of the gap between people from countries at different stages of economic development speaking different languages.

The Ministy of Manpower (MOM) also requires first-time FDWs to attend a safety course conducted by National Safety Council.

Employers' Orientation Seminar

MOM also requires first-time employers of a foreign domestic worker in Singapore to attend an Orientation Seminar. But employers who have not been successful in the employment of a foreign domestic worker are also required to attend. By definition, less successful employers are those who hire and fire four domestic workers within the short span of one year. Under normal circumstances, a contract should last two years.

In-House Re-Orientation of Domestic Helpers on Transfer

First-time domestic workers do need an orientation because their new environment is so obviously different from their home environment. But the experienced domestic worker may also have to cross a cultural barrier when she transfers from a local family to an expat family (or even to another local family of a different ethnic or cultural background). For example, as most Chinese employers are less particular about puntuality outside a formal business setting, a former domestic employee of a local Chinese going to work for a western family may not realise that her new family does not take kindly to a domestic worker who has no regard for puntaulity.

On-the-Job Orientation by Employer Enlightened employers who have more experience with FDWs or who otherwise have observed or know about problems arising from cultural differences and more aware of them can also be helpful to their domestic workers and point to them the pitfalls or be less impatient with the seeming lethargy of a young woman who takes twice as much time as Madam to perform a simple task. Remember that where she comes from, where the rate of unemployment is high, time is one commodity they have an abundance of at home.