The following is not exactly a testimonial, extracted from former employer Georgette (not her real name)'s email response to a request for info regarding Analyn's performance while in Georgette's employ; and may well serve as one.

Analyn was a wonderful helper and is a quality person. It was a delight integrating her services into our family routine.

Analyn had been with our American family of 2 adults, 1 girl (aged 9 years old), and a big dog for 7 years before we relocated to the U.S. in 2010. Analyn truly enjoys kids and was able to connect well with boys and girls aged 2-10.

During Analyn's employ I worked full time, including many nights and regular weekends. My husband travelled frequently and I also travelled for work. We lived on the East Coast in a semi-D.

During those 7 years we renewed twice with Analyn, moved house once, changed jobs/routines several times, recovered from a cancer diagnosis, adopted a dog, hosted many kid-related parties/activites at our home, held several garage sales, coordinated home leaves and travel time away, and worked through a complicated move back to the U.S. Never once was I given any 'attitude'. Respect was mutual and communication paramount, which led to a successful working relationship. Analyn was completely trustworthy with our daughter and her friends, on excursions throughout Singapore, with our personal belongings, and in our home. She was hard working and very dependable.

Analyn's English is excellent (written and spoken), she has a great personality, is an independant decision maker (within our outlined parameters), and exercises good judgement. She would be an ideal fit for a working mom, but could adapt to many situations.

Prior to working for us, she worked with a Chinese family with 2 boys for 8 years.