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Filipino maid Nova (codename: bun17nov) is a nanny, cook and a housekeeper too. She has worked for 4 years for her expat family of Indian ethnicity. They get along well but Madam's mother is coming for an extended visit (for some half a year) and the family will be able to get by without live-in help.

From Mindanao, in the southern part of the Philippines, Nova is 32 years old and a mother of 2 children aged 12 and 8. She has done 3 years of a 4-year Arts course which would have led to Bachelor's degree had she not have to give up because of financial difficulties; her father's income as a construction worker was not high. She speaks English quite well, certainly better than the average Filipino domestic worker here. She one of 3 girls in the family.

Work History

Employers are real, their names are not.

  1. She first worked abroad in Dubhai for Muhammad Ali who had 5 children, the youngest 2 aged 4 and 8. Madam was working and in her absence Nova took care of the children. Cooking was by another helper. Nova helped out with the cleaning and laundry. She worked for this family from Jan 2011 to Jan 2013.
  2. Six months later, in Jun 2013, she came to Singapore to work for her current family of 4, which included 2 children then aged 3 months and 4 years. Madam Devi is working and leaves care of the children and the househould chores to Nova. Now the children are 4 and 8 and since Madam's mother is coming to stay for an extended period, the family can do with live-in help and Nova is available for transfer.

Nova used to cook for her own family Filipino food before working abroad. In Dubhai she was not required to cook. In Singapore she learnt to cook simple Indian food from Devi (situation 2 above).

She can bake cakes such a cupcakes, pancakes, buttercakes, muffins, etc. She learnt baking from her mother who used to suppy cake to canteens in the vicinity.

Care of children appers to be Nova's forte. She took care of

  • 2 children aged 4 and 8 for her family in Dubhai for 2 years;
  • 2 children aged 3 months and 4 years for her current family for the last 4 years.

Other Skills
She used to grow vegetables and flowers at home. She enjoyed gardening. She is also used to animals such as dogs of which her family had several. Personality
Nova is cheerful and fairly outgoing, able to express herself well. She is polite and amiable, neatly dressed. She is adaptable and is willing to give up some of her rest days if employer requires her to.

When available: As soon as possible

Profile by Karl Tan, MOM Registration No.: R1105061
License Number: 83C3870