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Sorry helpers like Delia are gone in a flash. But there are other good maids still available.

Filipino maid (codename: cas17del) is a nanny, cook and a housekeeper too. She has worked for 20 years for 3 different families in Singapore; 12 years for the current family. She is now available for transfer.

From the province of Cagayan, about 1 hour north of Manila by air. She is and single mother of 3 grownup children 22, 24 and 26 years old. She has a secondary (10 yrs) education but speaks English quite well, after two decades in Singapore where she has worked for 2 Chinese families and one Pakistani family.

Work History

Employers are real, their names are not.

  1. She has been with her current employer Diana Ling, since May 05. Her priority has always been the children. Cooking is by Madam's mother-in-law. However, Delia cooks for the children until they were old enough to enjoy Granny's cooking. (Granny cooks so much better than Delia!) However, cleaning and laundry have always been by Delia.
  2. Prior to that, for 4 years, she worked for Geraldine Tong. Like in Situation 1, here she also took care of 3 children: aged 6 months, 3 years and 5 years. Geraldine was a working mother and left care of her children to Delia who also did the cooking, laundry and cleaning.
  3. Her first employer was an expat from Pakistan. Madam was working and Delia, besides doing the household chores, also took care employer's only child from the age of 1.

Delia cooked Chinese food for Geraldine's family during her 4 years there. She cooked different cuisine for her expat employer: it does not sound like South Indian food nor western food.

Care of children seems to be Delia's forte. She took care of

  • 3 babies (a 9-month old and two newborns after that) for Diana Ling;
  • 6-month old baby plus 2 older ones aged 3 and 5.
  • a 1-year old infant for her first employer from Pakistan.

She still likes to take care of babies. She is well-experienced in this area and she is probably better suited to handle little ones than the more energetic older ones.

Delia is cheerful and has valuable experience. She is able to provide information for this profile without hesitation though she had to take time to provide the dates and names for her job history.

When available: Anytime

Profile by Karl Tan, MOM Registration No.: R1105061
License Number: 83C3870