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Filipino maid (codename: cru17ste) is a domestic helper with 2+ years experience in Johore Baru, West Malaysia.

From the province of Cavite, 1 to 3 hours from the capital Manila, depending on traffic conditions. She is 38 and a single mother of 2 children now aged 7 and 12.

She one of 7 children, the eldest among the girls. She has 13 years of formal education (3 years in college doing a 4-year secretarial science course) and speaks English quite well. After two years she was awarded "Associate in Secretarial Science". Click here to see diploma.

Work History
Before going to work abroad, she had worked in 4 situations, all temporary. Employer are not required to provide fringe benefits for temp workders. One of her employers (Cinderlla Marketing Corporation) employed her twice. This is a plus for who would employ someone a second time if her work was not satisfactory the first time around.

  1. In Johore Baru she worked for a family of 5: the parents and 3 teenaged children. Madam stayed at home and did the cooking with Stephen help out especially in washing & ironing, general cleaning and washing 3 cars.
  2. Just before going going to work in Johore Baru she worked for one year taking care of a 95-year man for one until the old man died of old age.

In Johore she was not required to cook, Madam being a housewife herself. However, her mother was a market vendor and Stephanie helped in the household chores, especially cooking. She thinks she cooks well and she would like to learn other cuisines, e.g., Chinese, Indian or western. She helped out with cooking at home (being the eldest girl).

Caregiver to the Elderly
Though she has not been a paid caregiver to the elderly, she is quite willing to take care of an elderly person. She does look strong enough to support an elderly person who may need help moving around. See situation 2 above.

Stephanie is fond of children and even though she has not been a paid childminder, she willing to work for a family with children. After all, she is a mother of two herself.

Stephanie is of good build - 161 cm in height, about 5' 3". She is alert, polite and patient. She does appear strong. She has a better than average education among Filipino domestic workers in Singapore - 10 years secondary and 3 years in college where she was working on a 4-year secretarial science course. However she had to give up as her parents found it increasingly hard to support to support her.

When available: Anytime

Profile by Karl Tan, MOM Registration No.: R1105061
License Number: 83C3870