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Filipino transfer maid Aurora (codename: deg17aur) is a nanny, cook and a housekeeper too. Well, now that the children (6 and 11 years old at the start) are married, Aurora is mainly a housekeeper-cum-gardener. And the best part is that she is available immediately.

From the province of Pangasinan (4 hours from Manila by bus), home to the most hardy of domestic workers - from this writer's perspective - she is 54 years old and married with children 5 grownup children.

She has a secondary education and speaks English quite after 19 years with the family who communicate with her solely in English.

Work History
Since day one, (Jun 1998) she has been working for the same family - 4 at the start, now 19 years later, only two left, Madam and her hubby.

She first learnt to cook Chinese food but over time she experimented on her own using the cook books Madam made available to her.

Aurora cared for the two children from the age of 6 and 11, until they no longer needed her help.

The family live in a bungalow with a compound on which they grow ornamental plants. Aurora spent time in the garden.

Aurora is neat and tidy in appearance. She is quite outgoing/soft-spoken, cheerful, personable. alert, unassuming, friendly, respectful.

When available: As Soon As Possible

Profile by Karl Tan, MOM Registration No.: R1105061
License Number: 83C3870