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Sorry you missed the chance to hire Anna. But many good maids are still available.

Filipino transfer maid Anna (codename: her17ann) is a first-time FDW with promise. She has been a housewife for 8 years bringing up two children of her own and keeping house for own nuclear family during this time. From rural Philippine where her family had a garden where they produce vegetables to sell in the market. She and her siblings - 4 of them in all - help in the garden.

She is from La Union, about 5 hours from Manila by public transportation, and belongs to the Ilocano dialect/language group known for being hardworking and thrifty. The stuff some employers look for.

Now 26 years of age, she is secondary school graduate (with 10 years of formal education) and speaks and understands English quite well, even before she starts working in Singapore.

Work History

Employers are real and so are their names.

Though her experience is not quite relevant to the position she is seeking, it does show that she was no idler (not that she could afford to be as her father was a construction worker with a low income and often under-employed).

  1. She started working right after she left school at age 17. She worked for Julius & Kathy Grocery in Bauang, La Union. She left in late 2013.
  2. Next she worked a Spin Cycle Laundry for 3 years from February 2014 until May 2017 because her income was inadequate as her husband, a construction work is always employed.

Anna used to help out in the household chores (her mother having left early for she knew not where), sharing duties with her two sisters. Among the chores she learnt was cooking. As a housewife she cooked for her own nuclear family of 4. She has been more or less a self-taught cook and should be able to learn from an employer (preferrably a stay-at-home mom) who is willing to teach her/

Anna has not been a paid childminer, but she is a mother herself. Her own children are now aged 5 and 8. She was working for some of the time she was married, her husband has been chipping in with caring for the children. As a childminder in Singapore, she can be a devoted to the children (as she does not have to work).

Anna is neat and tidy in appearance. She is able to communicate effectively. As a first-time FDW, she is most likely to be compliant with her employer's wishes (which is not always what one can say about an experienced "super maid". A stay-at-home does not have to exert herself to have her FDW comply with her wishes.

As a first-time employer eager to get a job, what more experienced FDWs consider inadequate salary is plenty to Anna. And she does not need to have every Sunday off - and be compensated for working on her rest day. After all, she comes to Singapore because she needs to supplement her husband's meagre income.

When available: As soon as possible

Profile by Karl Tan, MOM Registration No.: R1105061
License Number: 83C3870