Gems for Transfer

We may not have a long list of maids to select from, but what we have are all gems!

  1. Introducation: Filipino transfer maid Lucita is from Nueva Vizcaya, in the heart of Ilocandia, where the hardiest of domestic workers come from; about 5 hours from Manila by road. She is from the Ilocano language group generally known for their diligence and thrift. She is 43 and a mother of two daughters for whom she has provided all these years.

    She is from a farming family, one of 4 children. She has a secondary education, but after 10 years in Singapore, she speaks and understands English very well.

    Employment History

    1. Soon after leaving secondary school, she went to work in her hometown of Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya, as a sales assistant in a convenience store. She worked there for 6 years before leaving to get married.

    2. In 2008, as her family expenses grew and her husband's meagre income as a tricyle rider was increasingly inadequate to pay for their two children's education. When she came to Singare her children were 10 and 11 years old. Her employer Rachel Lim (not her real name) was a working mother and left her two children aged 8 months and 6 years respectively to Lucita. Lucita was unable to cope, that being her first assignment in a foreign country.

    3. She fared better, much better, in her second assignment. Lucita got along well with her employer Jogindar Singh (not his real name) and his family. Although Madam was a working mother, Lucita was able to take care of their only child aged 9 months. She has been with the same family since Feb 2010, or for the last 7¾ years.

    Lucita was a housewife for some 10 year before she came to work in Singapore. For 10 years she cooked Filipino food for her family and attended to the needs of her young children. She might be said to have been trained for her future role as domestic worker in Singapore.

    She was too busy coping with two young children to be able to learn much of Chinese cuisine except for some simple dishes.

    However, in her present situation she learnt from Madam Kaur (not her real name) and counts biriyani as one of the dishes in her repertoire. After the initial "tutorials" Lucita was left on her own and she has managed.

    Lucita has cared for 5 children:

    • She raised two children of her own, from birth until they were 10 and 11 respectively when she came to work in Singapore;
    • While in the employ of Rachel Lim, she took care of an 8-month old and a 6-year old for 2 years before leaving.
    • In her current situation, she has been taking care of Jogindar's child from the age of 9 months for the past 7¾ years,

      Childcare is Lucita's forte. Personality
      Lucita is pleasant and polite, patient and personable. She speaks and understands English very well, as English has been the language of communication with her two host families. She has been gainfully employed for some 16 years when she is not a full-time housewife.

      Lucita is a gem.

      When available: As soon as possible

      Profile by Karl Tan, MOM Registration No.: R1105061
      License Number: 83C3870

    • Introduction:
      Filipino transfer maid Charita is from Pangasinan, home of some of the hardiest workers this interviewer has had the opportunity to recruit. Her hometown in Pangasinan is about 4 hours from Manila by road.
      Filipino transfer maid Charito has worked in Singapore for about 20 years for two families as follows:

      1. In Sep 94 Charito came to Singapore to work for Darren and Margaret Wan (not their real names). The couple (whose children went to the U.S. for further studies decided to stay) ran separate businesses. Charito was able to take care of the household chores including marketing and care of a pet cat. The couple were in good health, but after 10 years Darren had a massive stroke which he survived but only 3 months. For the next 5½ years Charito continued working for Margaret until her business suffered a huge setback from which she never recovered and, to cut cost, she had to let Charito go.

      2. For the 1½ years she stayed in the Philippines for a well-earned visit with the family. In December 2011 she returned to Singapore, this time to work for an expat couple from the U.K. Both were working and Charito took care of the household chores. Three years later Madam had her first child. Now that the child is already three years and old enough to attend a whole-day nursery Madam can manage with live-in help, so Charito is available for transfer.

      Childcare experience:
      Charito has taken care of a child from birth for 3 years. In addition, she is a mother herself so care of children, including babies, is nothing new to her.

    • Introducing Anna: 3 employers in 23 years!
      1. 8 years with her first family, local Chinese, which included children aged 2 and 4!
      2. Next employer (2103 to 2110): expat from the States. Madam was working and left care of her 3-year old to Anna.
      3. Now she is working for an expat also from the U.S. where she takes care of 2 children 7 and 10 at the start. Now that the children are all teens and quite independent, Madam will release her. Madam gives Anna a grade of 5 out of 5 for cooking!
      Want to know more about her? Read what her employers say about her.

      When available: October 2017

    • Transfer maid Winnie, with only 2 employers in 17 years, must surely be an employer's dream maid.

      Looking for a helper who does not job hop? Look no further!

      1. Between Jun 98 to and Aug 04 (with a 2-month break in between), she worked for the same family taking care of 2 children aged 7 to 12. (During her 2-month break Madam did not find any skeleton in the cupboard!)
      2. In Oct 04 she went to work for a doctor with 2 chidren, the younger one aged 12. Like in situation a, she went home in 2009 (5 years after starting) and returned to the same employer. She is still with this same employer! 12 years!

        During her 10-month break Madam did not find any skeleton in the cupboard either! You can't say that of all maids.

      She can cook Chinese, western, Thai, Indian and Vietnamese food!

      When available: Sep 17


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