Gems for Transfer

We may not have a long list of maids to select from, but what we have are all gems!

  1. Helpers like Merly does not remain available forever.
    Filipino transfer maid Merly has been working as a domestic helper for 16 years for 5 employers in 4 countries; 9½ years with her current employer. With 16 years experience in all, she is available for transfer anytime. Oh, don't forget her 3 years in Taiwain in an IC factory. She will not be available for long.

    Merly, the eldest of 4 children, was early exposed to household chores. A firstborn is usually more confident and capable.

    She was hardworking and even while she was a mother and housewife, she did not hesitate go abroad to make her much-needed contribution to the family kitty. She kept herself busy to see three of her children through college.

    She showed her mettle when she went to work as a private nurse (though they called her maid) taking care of Granny who was beset with so many problems and depended on Merly for practically everything, including her most private daily chores.

    She accompanied Granny to the hospital, sleeping in the hospital when Granny was warded - to give her moral support. She learnt how to exercise Granny's limbs. She does this for the old lady twice a day.

    She has a secondary education and speaks and understands English very well.

    Merly has not been a childminder except on two occasions in the Middle-east where her charges had special needs for which she has not been trained.

    Merly has been a mother-housewife whenever she was not working abroad and has raised 5 children (with the help of her own mother whenever she works abroad). Her devotion to her duty is best demonstrated by her staying with her current family for almost 10 years now.

    She certainly is no idler and she is available now.

    When available: As soon as possible

  2. Weena
    1. Worked for an elderly couple for 2½ years. Ah Kong (grandpa) had little control over his movements; Ah Mah (granny) had demetia. She helped the old man to exercise.

    2. In Apr 2009, she took care of 3 persons:
      • Granny, who is bedridden and very dependent on Weena for all her private needs - eating, bathing, etc.

      • her son, who is now paralysed after a massive stroke; and

      • daughter who is intellectually challenged from the start.

      To her credit, Weena stayed with them for 8+ years until the relatives decided to send the 3 handicapped person to a home. It is surely no exaggeration to say that she is a devoted caregiver.

      If you need a caregiver, you will want to see Weena first.

  3. Nenita V, BEEd (Bachelor of Elemtary Education) is a domestic helper for want of opportunities at home. Age: 37, mother of 4 children aged 7, 9, 11 and 17.

    As the first-born she was exposed to household chores even while a teenager.

    She has been with the same family since Sep 12 - or for the last 5 years.

    Childcare experience: 3 children, aged 9 months to 10 years.

    Other experience: She taught 3rd graders for one semester during her teaching practice, while reading Education.

    Read what Employer says about her.

  4. Introducing Anna: 3 employers in 23 years!
    1. 8 years with her first family, local Chinese, which included children aged 2 and 4!
    2. Next employer (2103 to 2110): expat from the States. Madam was working and left care of her 3-year old to Anna.
    3. Now she is working for an expat also from the U.S. where takes care of 2 children 7 and 10 at the start. Family will return to the States soon. Madam gives Anna a grade of 5 out of 5 for cooking!
    Want to know more about her? Read what her employers say about her.

    When available: October 2017

  5. 17 years, 2 employers: This helper must surely be an employer's dream maid. Looking for a helper who does not job hop? Look no further!
    1. Between Jun 98 to and Aug 04 (with a 2-month break in between), she worked for same family taking care of 2 children aged 7 to 12. (During her 2-month break Madam did not find any skeleton in the cupboard!)
    2. In Oct 04 she went to work for a doctor with 2 chidren, the younger one aged 12. Like in situation a, she went home in 2009 (5 years after starting) and returned to the same employer. She is still with her! 12 years!

      During her 10-month break Madam also did not find any skeleton in the cupboard either! You can't say that of all maids.

    Can cook Chinese, western, Thai, Indian and Vietnamese food!

    When available: Sep 17

  6. Filino transfer maid Imelda, BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) A single mother, aged 32, with 2 pre-teens to support she is surely highly motivated. She was widowed when her husband was taken away some half a dozen years ago.

    She brings to her job her professional qualification with skills pertinent to a nanny or caregiver. She has worked at EL Joson Memorial Hospital, assigned to several wards, but most importantly "Medicine" and "Pediatric" wards. You can trust her to know about care of infants and care of the elderly/sick.

    Imelda is neat and tidy, patient and polite. She is resourceful and enterprising. With what little she saved while working at the EL Joson Memorial Hospital she started business as a canteen operator. Since leaving college she has been continuously employed gainfully. She's no idler!

    When available: Anytime