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Welcome to our Gallery of Domestic Helpers who are more than maids, who wear many hats. They peform duties, which in most countries, would keep two or more persons busy.

But here in Singapore a "maid" often performs the duties of at least two of the following personnel:

  • a picker-upper
  • a cook
  • a childminder or babysitter
  • a caregiver to an elderly person/companion
  • a private nurse to a sick person (including a bedridden one)
  • a carwasher
  • a gardener
  • a washerwoman
  • a female poolman (who ever heard of a poolwoman!)

To see who is capable of doing what or the kind of work she has been doing, click on one of the links in the left column.

If you don't see what you are looking for, come back again, for the list is updated regularly.

We may not have many candidates, but everyone we have is a gem!

Have fun viewing.