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Sorry you missed the chance to hire Wina. When you see an FDW like Wina, do not tarry. FDWs like Wina do not remain available forever.

Indonesian maid (codename: win17mir) is a nanny and a housekeeper too. With 20 years as a domestic worker with the same family, she is now available.

Wina is from east Java, about 4 hours by road to Surabaya, the larget city in East Java. She is mother of a daughter now 21 years old.

She has an elementary education but speaks and understands English reasonably well after living with and working for her host family for the past 20 years and 2 months at this writing.

Work History
Her work history is short and sweet, with only one situation where she stayed on for 20 years. Her employer Lim Chin Heng's (not his real name) family of 4, including a baby girl aged 6 months. Madam was working and Wina took care of her from day 1.

Besides care of the child, Wina also attended to the cooking, cleaning and laundry. She must done a good job, for how else would one explain her tenure of 20+ years. One of the 4 in the household included Granny who is no longer in the family only last month. As for the daughter, she is now 21 years old and studying overseas.

This probably Wina's forte. She and the child Anna got along very well. She and Anna were in her own words "very close" to each other. Even now, Anna would call her from Australia where is currently and undergrad, via Whatsapp. "Three times" the past month alone.

Wina says she can cook simple Chinese home dishes, as Madam wanted her to devote her time to the baby, as her own mother, Granny, did the cooking. However, Wina observed and learnt Chinese cooking. When Madam wants to try Indonesian food, she would ask Wina to cook simple Indonesian dishes like sayur lodeh - vegetable cooked with coconut milk and mild spices, nasi lemak - rice with coconut milk, chilli and kuning fish and rendang and Indonesia favourite which is quite popular even in Singapore among Chinese. She mentions shepherd's pie - she learnt from internet. Shepherd's pie has often been served around Christmas. And Christmas turkey too. She says she has prepared turkey at least 10 times, she estimates.

She learnt to bake turkey together with Madam after learning by watching videos on the internet.

Wina is neat and tidy, of fairly good build. She is patient and polite. After 20 years in Singapore she is still unassuming and modest like most people from Java.

When available: Sorry, Wina has been hired! When see someone like Wina, grab her before someone else does! She's a gem.

Profile by Karl Tan, MOM Registration No.: R1105061
License Number: 83C3870