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Myanmar maid (codename: nya17lun) is a domestic helper with experience as a caregiver. She has formal training in Theory and Practice Nurse Aid Training" and has worked as a caregiver in Singapore before going home to Myanmar. Although she is a churchgoer, she is prepared to give up her restday if her employer needs her.

She has completed two years of post-secondary studies. Though English is not widely spoken, she manages to get along after working in Singapore. She also understands a smattering of Mandaring and Hokien. (This interviewer did not test her in two languages/dialects.)

Care of the Elderly Nyaung Ngai Lunn has taken care of a stroke patient for one year as well as an elderly couple for almost 2 years. She looks forward to being a caregiver to the elderly/sick. She feels confident as she has completed a 6-month training course in this discipline in 2004. Click here to see her Certificate

During her 6+ years in Singapore cooking has been one of her duties. She can cook the basic home dishes. She would like to learn more if her employer is willing to teach her.

Nyaung Ngai Lunn is simple and pleasant. She is neat and tidy and patiently waits for a job offer to work as a caregiver-cum-domestic helper. She is ready to come as soon as her papers are ready.

When available: As Soon As Possible

Profile by Karl Tan, MOM Registration No.: R1105061
License Number: 83C3870