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Filipino transfer maid (codename: say17mar). She has been a housewife for 8 years bringing up two children of her own and keeping house for own nuclear family before coming to work in Singapore in 2012.

She is from La Union, about 5 hours from Manila by public transportation, and belongs to the Ilocano dialect/language group known for being hardworking and thrifty. The stuff some employers look for.

Now 42 years of age, she has done 2 years of post-secondary studies: 1 year in computer science, 1 year in cooking. She speaks English quite well.

Work History

  1. Before coming to Singapore she had worked as
    1. a sales clerk in an Electronic/Electrical shop for over 7 years, from Nov 96 to Apr 04;
    2. as as clerical officer in Barangay Service Point run by the village council from Oct 08 to Sep 12.

    Though her experience is not relevant to the position of a domestic worker, it does show that she was no idler (not that she could afford to be as her father was a construction worker with a low income and often under-employed).

  2. In Singapore she worked for
    1. worked for one employer from Oct 12 to Mar 13. Her employer lived in a 2-storey shophouse, with living quarters above the shop. Her duties were cooking, laundry/ironing and cleaning. She had time on her hands, having no children to attend to. Then one day when MOM Field Force visited the area, they found her in the shop and took her out. An FDW is only allowed to perform domestic work and not assist her employer in her business.
    2. Her next employer Peter Wellington (not his real name) was an expat from New Zealand. She worked for him for 3+ years (Mar 13 to Jan 16) before he relocated to Korea. Peter lived alone much of the time but his wife and teenaged children would visit twice a year and stay for an extended period.
    3. Next she went to work for a 3-generation family of 6 including:
      • Madam Rosalind Ng and spouse,
      • two teenaged children and
      • grandpa and granny.
      Rosalind was working and much of the day only the old folks remained in the house. Grandma spoke no English and Mary no Chinese and the communication barrier often led to misunderstanding. So they parted company after only 4 months.
    4. Her last employer aged 70 was in poor health and lived alone. Mary was like a companion-cum-caregiver to her. Besides attending the housekeeping chores, she had to help the old lady in her daily activities as she was very dependent. She would accompany Granny - who was diabetic and was also diagnosed for leukemia - to her health checks and outpatient chemo sessions. After 7 months, Granny lost her battle with cancer and Mary is now free to work for someone else.

In the Philippines Mary was a working mother until October 2012. She lived with her parents and together with her mother she took care of her children, cooked and washed. In Singapore she did learn a little of Chinese cuisine but is hardly an expert. She knows how to use a cook book, though, when she needs help.

Mary has not been a paid childminer, but she is a mother of 2 herself. She took care of her own children from birth, with some help from her own mother. She is comfortable with children, including a newborn.

Mary is neat and tidy in appearance. She is able to communicate effectively.

When available: As soon as possible

Profile by Karl Tan, MOM Registration No.: R1105061
License Number: 83C3870