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Indonesian maid Supiyati is a nanny, cook and a housekeeper too. She is now available for immediate hire. From Sumatra, she is and single. Her widower father is a farmer. She is eldest among 4 children. Generally the first born has more initiative and is more confident.

Supiyati has 9 years of formal education (Junior High School) and after almost 2 years in Singapore, speaks English fairly well, well enough for this interview.

Work History

Employers are real, their names are not.

  1. Before coming abroad to work, Supiyati had worked in her own country as one of 3 maids for an Indonesian Chinese family in Jakarta from 2000 to 2005. She was young and inexperienced and her only duty was to clean and tidy up the house, a 4-bedroom bungalow with 3 toilets and 3 bathrooms, tidying up the garden, cutting the grass, etc. and washing two cars.
  2. In 2007 she went to work in a maternity home (in Penang, West Malaysia) helping new mothers during their one-month confinement. She was one of 15 assistants. Her duties were mainly bathing the baby, changing diapers and sometimes preparing formula for mothers who needed to supplement breast feeding with baby formula. She worked there for 5 years until 2012.
  3. In Apr 13 she came to Singapore to work for Susan Lim whose household comprised herself, her husband and her stepson, his wife and their 3-month old baby, cooking, laundry and general cleaning. All went well until Supiyati had a case of severe food poisoning and had to be hospitalised. On recovery her doctor prescribed rest for a whole month. So she went home but regretted her decision for while at home she was up and about after less than 2 weeks recuperation. She was idle for two months, until a new job offer came.
  4. She returned to Singapore in May 14 to work for a Singaporean Zainab bte Hassan whose family of 4 included two grownup children. Supiyati's duties were laundry and general cleaning. With Madam's daughter (who was not working) doing the cooking for the family, Supiyati seemed to have time on her hands. Madam used Supiyati to help out in her business. When MOM found out this breach of Work Permit rules in Mar 15, Madam lost her privilege of employing a foreign maid. Now Supiyati has MOM's permission to seek alternative employment.

When she was not working, Supiyati helped with the household chores including cooking simple dishes such as

  • sayur lodeh (vegetables in mild curry)
  • lontong, mie rebus, gadoh gadoh
  • ayam cabe hijau
  • tumis sayur
  • fried rice

When she was working for Susan (Job 2 above) she learnt to cook Chinese food and was able to cook independently such dishes as

  • steamed fish, sweet and sour fish, fish with chilli sauce
  • chicken soup, sweet and sour chicken
  • stir fried vegetables
  • vegetable soups (spinach, lotus root with chicken and peanuts, old cucumber, etc.)

Supiyati has taken care of a baby from the age of 3 months. From her experience in Penang where worked in a Maternity Home, she is confident with a newborn baby and is willing to sleep with a baby and do the night feeding. She loves children and can work with pre-schoolers and other young children.

Supiyati is neat and tidy in appearance. She is quite soft-spoken in spite of her experience (12 years away from home: 5 in Jakarta, 5 in Penang and almost 2 years in Singapore). She has a pleasant personality and should get along well with young children.

When available: Now

Profile by Karl Tan, MOM Registration No.: R1105061
License Number: 83C3870