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Filipino maid (codename: val17emi) is a nanny, cook, caregiver to the elderly and a housekeeper too. With 11+ years in Singapore to her credit, she will soon be available for transfer. Please check for update.

From the province of Isabela, about 10 hours from Manila by bus. She belongs to the Ilocano dialect (or language) group who are among the most industrious.

She is and married with a 13-year old son. Her husband is a long distance truck driver. Her parents are farmers. She has 3 brothers, one of whom is helping out on the farm.

She has a secondary (10 yrs) education but after 11+ years in Singapore speaks and understands English quite well, certainly better than the average Filipino domestic workers in Singapore.

Work History
Emily has worked for 6 Chinese families in Singapore in the past 11+ years. Below is her work history, in reverse chronological order:

Employers are real, their names are not.

  1. She has been working for her current employer since Jul 15.
  2. Before that she worked for one Mrs Lim, a stay-at-home mom with 2 children aged 8 and 15. Since Mrs Lim was not working, she thought she would try to get by without live-in help.
  3. Hermione Tang preceded Mrs Lim. Hermione, a working mother, had 2 children aged 5 and 9. Emily was one of two helpers and care of the two children was left to the other helper Jocelyn. Emily concerned herself with the household chores. She completed 2 years with the family - Oct 12 to Oct 14.
  4. She worked for Chin Yi for 5 years and 7 months before transferring to Hermione. Chin Yi had this to say of Emily: "Throughout these 5+ years, she has been a cheerful worker and is well behaved .... she has not gven me any problems arising from bad health, dishonesty or misbehaviour."

  5. Her first 2 assignments were a disaster. She worked for the two family for a grand total of 3 months.


    During the past 11 years, cooking was one of her regular duties. She cooks/cooked simple dishes, mostly dishes she taught herself to cook using cook books for inspiration and guidance. She thinks she has improved.

    Care of the Elderly
    Emily considers care of the elderly, together with cooking, as her better skills. She spent 5 years 7 months as a caregiver to an elderly couple. They were relatively healthy. They were good to her and despite not having any day off, she stayed on for 5½ years. Not bad!

    Emily has not been required to take care of young children. However, she is willing and able to take care of children in her next job. She thinks she can handle one-year old and older.

    Emily is neat and tidy in appearance. She is quite cheerful and personable. She is able to provide information for this profile without effort. Her recollection of previous jobs was good.

    When available: To Be Arranged

    Profile by Karl Tan, MOM Registration No.: R1105061
    License Number: 83C3870