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Sorry, but Maricel has just been hired

7 years, 1 Employer. Where else can you find such a helper but at Inter-Mares!

Filipino maid (codename: via17mar) is a domestic helper with 7+ years experience. Same family for 7+ years! The good news is that she is now available for transfer as soon as possible.

From the province of La Union, 5 hours north of the capital Manila, she is 38 and a single mother, having separated from her husband 9 years ago. She has 2 children now 17 and 11. She has been her children's sole support ever since.

She is the eldest among 5 children and the only girl. The eldest girl in the family is often exposed to domestic chores early in life, a natural mother's helper; her mother was fish vendor, selling fish her father used to catch.

Being her mother's helper has prepared Maricel well for her future role as a domestic worker as her very first job would confirm. She has been with her first employer since day 1 (9 February 2010) seven+ years ago.

Job History
Maricel's job history is not short, but it is sweet, 7 years, same employer.

Madam Mabel Chew (not her real name) was working and left care of her then 4-year old to Maricel. 4 years later Madam had her second child and Maricel has been taking care of him ever since. However with the recent slowdown in our economy Madam has time on her hands and has decided not to continue employing Maricel.

When Maricel was new, Mabel's mother who taught her to cook. After a couple of months, Maricel was able to cook independently. She has been cooking for her host family ever since.

For the past 7 years Maricel has cared for a girl from age 4 and, for the past 3 years, a boy from birth. Besides that, Maricel is herself a mother of 2. Before she got married she used to help her fish vendor mother and now that she is working, her mother is her children's guardian.

Stephanie is of good build - 159 cm in height, about 5' 4". She is alert, polite and patient. She does appear strong.

When available: Anytime

Profile by Karl Tan, MOM Registration No.: R1105061
License Number: 83C3870