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Indonesian maid (domestic worker) Watiri is a nanny, cook and a housekeeper too. She is planning to go home for a visit with her family in May and hopes to be hired by then. She plans to return to work for her prospective employer soon in June 2014 (or earlier if new employer so prefers).

Watiri is and single. Her parents are a tenant farmers. Watiri is the eldest among 9 children. The eldest in the family usually has more initiative and more confidence. The eldest girl additionally has early exposure to household chores.

She has a secondary school education (9 years) and speaks English fairly well, well enough to furnish information for this profile most of the time. She lapses into Indonesian (or Malay) now and again. She communicates with her Madam in both situations in English. They did/do not speak Malay.

But in addition to academic education, Watiri has done a one-year course for intending childminders which included one month of practical training in a hospital. To see subjects taught in the course Click here.

Work History

Employers are real, their names are not.

Before coming to Singapore Watiri had worked as a live-in babysitter assisting a new mother with her newborn baby.

  1. She first came to Singapore to work for one Jenny Tan from from Apr 10 to Apr 12. Jenny was a working mother and in her absence Watiri took care of her two children aged 4 and 8 and also performed the household chores. She went home at the end of her contract.

  2. But returned the next month, i.e., to work for her current employer Kathy Yeo, a working mother. Watiri's duties are care of 3 children from the ages of 2, 6 and 8. In addition, Watiri cooks for the family, washes and irons the clothes and keeps the house neat and clean.

Taught by her own mother, Watiri can cook Indonesian food, such as

  • beef or chicken rendang (a perennial favourite popular even in Singapore);
  • sayur lodeh (similar to the curry used in lontong), gado gado (which can be described as a salad with rice cubes and peanut sauce), fried kangkong with belachan, Indonesian style chap chye, brinjal with chilli;
  • Indonesian fried rice;
  • tahu goreng, soto ayam (spicy clear soup with rice cubes and chicken;
  • fried fish with chilli.

After helping out in the kitchen for years at home, Watiri is a fairly good cook. Her offerings are, in her own words, "very delicious". In Singapore she more or less taught herself to cook Chinese food with the help of cook books written in English! There was always the English-Indonesian dictionary.

In her current situation Grandma cooks for the family during the week with Watiri assisting with the preparation of the ingredients. On weekends Grandma goes home and Watiri takes over the cooking.

  • steamed fish, fried fish, sweet and sour fish, assam fish;
  • fried chicken with oyster sauce, fried chicken wings, chicken curry;
  • stir fried vegetables such as brocoli is oyster sauce, spinach with ikan bilis, cabbage with dried shrimps, fried baby kailan, etc.;
  • chicken soup with potato, carrot and young sweet corn

Watiri has cared for or helped to care for 5 children in the last 2 situations. Their ages ranged from 2 to 8. In Indonesia, as a live-in babysitter, she took care of a newborn baby for 2 whole years.

Watiri is neat and tidy in appearance. She is quite outgoing, cheerful, personable and alert. She is fairly confident of her cooking skills as well her ability to read cook books written in English. (She will need help from time to time as does this interviewer when he is tempted to cook for himself.)

When available: Late June 2014

Profile by Karl Tan, MOM Registration No.: R1105061
License Number: 83C3870