Open House

On Sundays (sometimes on weekdays, too) foreign domestic workers who are in need of a job sit in our office waiting to speak with prospective employers.

Many of them have a lot of valuable experience. Maids (more like nannies who also double up as cooks, cleaners, etc) with 4 years', 6 years' experience are not unusual. Some have 8 or 10 years' experience. Some are especially good with babies or infants, others are good caregivers to the elderly or sick, and still others are good at cooking. Whatever your priority, there is a maid to suit you. There is maid for every job.

This is Arsenia, from Pangasinan, where the hardiest of the hardy come from. She is particularly good with a newborn baby. She does not mind sleeping with the baby at night, tending to the night feeding, etc. And, surprisingly, she is able to take care of the household chores, too, cooking and cleaning and washing and ironing. Click here for more like Arsenia.

Others like Shirani have valuable experience taking care of the elderly or sick. Shirani is a caregiver without equal. She has successfully completed a First Course conducted by none other than St John's Ambulance Association. She also attended two short courses conducted by Changi General Hospital. Shirani is especially compentent caring for an invalid