Inter-Mares Management Services
(Licence: 83C3870 since 1982)
304 Orchard Road #04-60 Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863

Our Policy

By this policy statement, we affirm our commitment to giving our clients quality service in the following areas.

  1. Recruitment
    1. When recruiting from abroad, we are governed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) guidelines which, among other things, stipulate that the applicant shall:
      1. be within the ages of 23 and 49;
      2. have a minimum of 8 years of formal education;
      3. be from approved source countries;
      4. be medically fit for work.
    2. When recruiting within Singapore
      1. We may recruit applicants who are over 49;
      2. If applicant is certified medically fit more than 147 days earlier, she shall be required to be certified fit again before the application for work permit is filed for her.
  2. Guarantee
    In addition we guarantee that if any of our recruits is not certified to be medically fit to work upon arrival, we will repatriate her at our own expanse and furnish a replacement at no cost to the client.

    However, if the intending FDW is recruited by the employer, this guarantee does not apply.
  3. Replacement
    If during the first three months of employment, our client finds the Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) he/she has hired is not suitable, we shall offer him/her a replacement at reduced cost as stipulated in the Service Agreement.
  4. Advertisement
    We subscribe to the principle of truth in advertising and hereby affirm that
    1. we do not engage in bait and switch tactic;
    2. we honour what we advertise;
    3. we shall refrain from making racist or derogatory references with regards to the FDW in our advertisements.
  5. Documentation Procedure
    Prior to submitting an application for a work permit for the FDW, we will properly identify the candidate so that our client will have no doubt that the applicant for whom a work permit is applied is the one selected by the employer.
  6. Client Confidentiality
    1. We shall ask for information about our client only if it is required for the purpose of applying for a work permit and will not divulge the information thus acquired to any unauthorized person;
    2. We are committed to respect our client's need for confidentiality of information given to us.
  7. Orientation
    Before an FDW commences work, we shall give her an orientation to minimize any problem arising from cultural shock, using:
    1. Our in-house "Dos and Don'ts List"
    2. MOM's Video Guide
    3. MOM's handbook for FDW.
  8. Basic Training
    While we are not in the business of training FDWs, we will specify to our recruiters the basic skills required of the candidates as a FDW. However we feel it is reasonable to consider FDWs with work experience as being trained on the job.
  9. After-Sale Service
    After the FDW has commenced work, we will provide counseling service. help mediate in any dispute or resolve any grievance that may arise.
  10. Code of Ethics
    In matters that cannot be easily quantifiable, we shall be guided by the Code of Ethics.

We affirm our commitment to this Policy Statement and affix our signature hereunder.

Inter-Mares Management Services