Smiley188's maid completed 4, going on 6 years

I used InterMares in Lucky Plaza (that's us).

However I also went through the internet

I also scoured the notice boards at supermarkets

We've had our maid (our first and current) for 4 years now and have just renewed for another 2 year term.

Like Smiley, Alice also scoured the notice boards at supermarkets. Unlike Smiley, Alice did not use InterMares. Inter-Mares more accurately. At first she thought she had such a wonderful bargain. But the supermaid she found turned out to be a lemon.

Read about Alice's super dud.

Or see a scan of the full text of Smiley's post at SingaporeExpats.Com or read it at SingaporeExpat.Com. You need to scroll down a bit.

Eileen approached us because of recommendations from Expat forums!

I have tried the regular agencies but couldn't find somebody that meets our expectations, hence am approaching you from recommendations on the expat forums.



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We are Lisa H's agency of choice

Hi Karl,

I was chatting with Doris today and I just want to tell you how wonderful I think she is. She is always polite, helpful and honest. I really feel such a connection with her.

You guys will always be my agency of choice in Singapore. I always refer my friends to you because of the excellent way you have treated me over the past eight years.


See scan of email from Lisa (received: 20 Aug 08)

P..... Gupta recommends us v strongly

Received: 23 Apr 08

Dear Eve/Doris

P.... Gupta has recommended you v strongly .

Hope to hear from you soon

G... Gupta

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Mitali has some good words to say about our agency

Received: 23 Oct 07

Hi Doris

It was nice speaking to you today. As mentioned I have been given your reference by Mitali, who has now moved to India. We are an Indian family moving to Singapore in the next 10 days. Mitali had some good words to say about your agency so I am contacting you, the first.



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Now Ruchira can focus better at work and the family is eating much healthier.

Received: 04 Oct 07

Hi Eve,

Wanted to thank you for helping us out and introducing Sabita to us. She's very nice and has settled in to our small family quite well.

It's been a boon to me to have her, as I can now focus better at work, and we're eating much healthier!

Best regards,


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Lisa had "such wonderful reports" about us.

Received: 10 Sep 07

Good afternoon again Doris,

I have just read ......'s bio and she sounds lovely. I would definitely
like to arrange an interview with her. We will also arrange a time on
Sunday to interview the other lady you have mentioned today.

I thank you for working to find "the right fit" for our family. Of course
this is an important decision for both parties. We have had such wonderful
reports from friends about you and therefore completely trust that we are in
good hands.

Best Regards,

Lisa L

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Susan referred her friends to us

Dear Karl

Actually I referred a few of my friends to you so I hope that something works out. I have dealt with several agencies in the past few years and I don't mind telling you that I felt extremely comfortable dealing with you and Doris and that your operation is extremely professional.

Susan H Source: email

Nicola will not hesitate to recommend us . . .

October 7, 2004

Dear Eve,

Firstly thank you very much for putting forward candidates for a domestic helper with our household. I have decided to offer the position to someone else, so would appreciate it if you could inform the people I interviewed of this.

I was seriously considering Haydee and Elena along with the person I am offering the position to, and having to choose between them I went with the one that I had a personal recommendation for from someone I knew (which I'm sure you understand).

Should things not work out with the person I am offering the position to (either in the short or longer term), I will be back in touch. Also, I will not hesitate in recommending your agency to others.

Happywidagency found useful hints here

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I've tried getting my own maid scouring the notice boards, getting recommendations from maid and everything. Twice fell flat on face. The first I got at supermarket, called employer who gave glowing reference. But the employer lied just to get rid of maid. Yes she can cook, but she was rude as hell - which is why her employer wanted her out. She had to give her a glowing reference otherwise the maid could not find a job. I felt cheated. So now I realise people give glowing ref for their own selfish reason.

I could [not?] do unto others so I gave her two weeks, but no reference. Got rid of her without having to lie.

Next time tried asking a girl who recommended her cousin. Well, again I was took. So I just clicked on the agency that advertised on this web site (intermares) and found many useful hints so that when I interviewed the maids, I at least was not so easy to fool. Finally I decided to go with intermares and I am happy. I was money well spent.

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Give Doris a call at InterMares

Oh dear Leanne, we've had that happen to us twice. But don't despair. There are plenty of great maids out there. Next time, consider hiring someone who has not worked for expatriate family before. Give Doris a call at InterMares and take a good look at their website. It offers a lot of advice on how to manage your relationship with the girl ... not only your responsibilities but hers also.

Your kids will like whoever you like so don't worry!

Good luck hope it works out.

Susie Homemaker
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We've used several but have had the most success (in terms of professional service, experienced maids, fast with the paperwork etc) with InterMares in Lucky Plaza (tel 6732 9112). Have also used ....... and ..... with varying degrees of success. Main thing is to sort out in your mind what kind of helper you want and to be specific in the interview process to make sure you get someone compatible. Generally fees run $600-900 with or without guarantee.

Click here for Susie Homemaker's post on the forum or click here to see a scan of her post.

Stephanie puts on record Doris and Eve's diligence, kindness, and genuine concern

Dear Karl

I am writing to thank Doris and Eve for their great help when I was looking for a FDW recently. I would like to add that your agency has a good selection of maids with attributes and experiences that are rather impressive. One would most likely associate this with the effective pre-selection tools you would have put in place prior to publishing these FDWs on your web site. This is highly appreciated.

Of course, apart from a great system, you have a great people too. Both Doris and Eve demonstrated ability to know my needs and preference as a discerning customer. Apart from the task of sourcing and recommending FDWs, I would like to appreciate them for their concern and sincerity. It is a shame that I did not finally engage a FDW from your agency due to unforseen circumstances. However, They have been more than agents!

Please convey my appreciation to Doris and Eve.

It's a bonus to have an agency like yours around.


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posted 02-12-2000 05:33 PM
After two unsuccessful hires (courtesy of Cold Store notice board) felicia is

pleased with the first maid ... hired through InterMares.

... I came to Singapore a year ago and after two tries have given up trying to find a good maid on my own. When I was new here they told me about the notice board at Cold Storage. That's how I hired my first maid who was "excellent with children". Yes, she was excellent with children and I was so pleased because she handled my own three children so well that I could find time to indulge myself in some extra curricular activities. She was a good cook too. In short she was perfect.

But I found out after a few months that all was not as it seemed. I left the ordering of the provisions to her and seldom checked if ever. Then one day I discovered to my horror that I was billed for things I did not even care for, like sardines, biscuits of every description and chocolates. On her days off she would play Santa Claus and have a picnic with her friends eating the food I paid for!

I blamed myself for not supervising her. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I let her transfer. She got a job before I could say Jack Robinson, courtesy of Cold Storage notice board!

My second maid I found also at Cold Storage. She was as fantastic as her last employer said she was. I assumed that her previous employer was letting her go because she would be going home. Wrong! I discovered later that she was still in Singapore and had a new maid. Anyway, nothing untoward happened. The maid was good but she had to go home. Her husband had died. Then I knew I had been had. Because I remember that she had said she was single. So it is no use to retain her when you cannot trust her anymore.

When my second "free" maid went home, I thought that perhaps I should go to an agency and hopefully my luck would change. After reading about InterMares I contacted them. What I liked was their website and the profiles they posted of the maids available. I find the profile quite fair even though I suspected that white seemed whiter. It was better than taking the word of my fellow expat that the maid was so good, etc. And I could evaluate the dozen or so maids on the web site at one go and then request the agency to send me the maids I have shortlisted so I can interview them.

Well, to cut a long story short, I am quite pleased with the first maid that I have hired through InterMares. No the maid is not fantastic, but so far she is not playing Santas Claus with my provisions and her husband is not dead or dying and I think I will have her for the full two years.

I think they know what the real reason is for the maid needing a transfer. They assure me that they will not place a maid if they think there is something fishy.

See original post on expatsingapore forum. Scroll down to the 6th post.